Check Results Online.

Check Results Online.

Check Results online through any of the internet connected PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. To check the DV-2021 results, the person should have participated in this draw in the year 2019. DV-2020 Results, the facility is now allowing participants to check their results through the official website of the American diversity visa lottery program. The status checking facility was opened by the U.S State department from the month of May 2019. This result checking facility will be kept open in the American government’s official website till the end of September 2020. No fee will be charged to check your results online during this period.

To check your online status for the DV2021 or DV2020 American visa lottery program, keep your confirmation number handy. Don’t confused with o and o and I and simple l. This confirmation number will work as password to see your selection results online. The participants can view their results as selected for the draw or not selected. otherwise they will see a message saying that the provided information is not correct.

DV Results Here.

If you happened to come with the “Session Expired” Page, don’t worry, start the result checking process with new web browser and do this till you get your results. Otherwise try it on another day to check the results under the DV 2020 or DV-2021visa lottery program.

If you are selected for the Green Card draw program, no other notification will be sent to you personally as this is the one and only way to inform you of your selection. Get a printout of that winner notification. Also follow the given instructions that are displayed in the screen.

DV-2021 will start to call the eligible winners for their visa interviews from October to issue the visas under this 2021 draw while those winners staying in the USA are allowed to submit their petition to change their status from 01st of October 2020, if their case numbers are current. The program dv-2020 will be closed officially on 30th September 2020 while dv-2021 will close on 30th September 2021 midnight. After these date those selected people under the green card lottery program will not be issued with visas or can’t change their status to LPR in the U.S.A under this dv-2020 program.

Check online Results of Green Card Lottery.

Applicants who had participated in the past program can check their status online to determine whether they are selected for the program or not.
What are the things they will ask from me to show the results of myself?

Confirmation number along with some personal information of yourself to be provided to get the online result.

What is confirmation number?
It would have been shown to you last year, when you had made the submission for the draw.
Therefore it should be saved by you.

Check Results online. Important Information.

  • Even if you had lost your confirmation number or its last digit is missing then you can get assistance by paying a small amount of money to the website through
  • Winners name list or photos of the selected winners will not be available in the internet.
  • Officials in the U.S Embassies and The U.S Consulates also don’t have the selected winners name list.
  • The next draw will be called as DV-2022 and it is going to accept entries in 2020.
  • DV-2021 Results will be available from 06th June, 2020 onward.
  • The Results checking website will be kept open till 30th September 2021.
  • Check the rsults as much time as you want. No harm in it.
  • Therefore take note the popular participant countries Bangladesh and Nigeria were in the ineligible country list for the DV-2021 too.
  • They must wait to see their eligibility (Birth country eligibility)  for the DV-2022  visa lottery program.

Check Your Results Here.

Check Results online

Online Results.

French: Vérifiez vos résultats de la loterie américaine Visa Ici.


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DV Lottery Results Help.

DV-2020 American visa lottery program participants who had submitted their duly filled Application Forms can check their results now. To see whether they are selected for the program or not. Thereafter this results checking facility was opened in the first week of May 2019 in the official web site and it will be kept open till September 2020.

Important Notice For DV-2020 Participants.

  • If your entry was submitted between 03/10/2017 and 10/10/2017, there are no record fo them.
  • So if you use any of the confirmation number to check the results, you will get error message.
  • Also if you try to recover your confirmation number, you will get error message only.
  • Because there are no records for these entries in the system.
  • Applied for the DV-2020 visa Lottery program in the year 2018. Visit the official web site of the American Government. There check your selection status online. Nearly half the visas had issued under the DV-2020 and the program and it is ready to close by 30th September 2020.

If you don’t know to check your dv lottery selection results for the DV-2019 visa lottery program, send us the following details by email to We will try our best for you.

BBS Netting will check your online selection results perfectly, if your provided information is correct.

  1. Your confirmation number:
  2. Which Year applied?
  3. First Name:
  4. Last Name:
  5. Middle Name: If don’t have one write “NO”.
  6. Date of birth: Day / month / year
  7. Email address that was used in the entry form:

If possible send the scan copy of that page and send it along with your details.
Thereafter got the “Success Page”? Take a photo of it with your Smartphone and send it to us along with the above details.

Meanwhile we had seen many altered success pages. Some bad agents from Africa had provided printouts of the “Success Page” to their clients which are altered by using the PhotoShop program.

Thereafter carefully write your information and email as one single letter / number error will NOT give us the results.

DV Lottery Results.

If you had been selected as a winner in the visa draw, you will NOT be notified by the KCC through postal mail, e-mail, and phone or through any other means. Only way is to check through the official website by providing your personal information along with your confirmation number.

If you get any winning notification through any of the above mentioned method, double check it. Above all the US State Department will not use any of these methods to announce winners.

If you had been selected in the program, in other words you won’t be given with American visa right away.
There after, have to follow Immigrant visa processing and by proofing your eligibility to get the visa under this program.


Source: U.S.State Department.

DV Lottery Results

DV-2020 Results.

DV-2020 Results for the American visa lottery program is now available through the official American Government website. This can be checked from the month of May 2019 and it will be available for one more year. The DV2020 Results checking facility will be closed by September 2020. To check your selection results, confirmation number beginning with 2020 is necessary. DV-2020 confirmation number must have 16 digits in total. Applying for DV 2020 visa lottery was closed on 06th November 2018. No one can submit any more entries to this 2020-DV program any more. Nearly 100,000 winners will be selected to issue with the available 50,000 LPR visas under the fiscal year 2020 program.

To check the DV results you should have participated in the last year held DV draw. Or those who want to check the results must have access to full details of the participant and his Confirmation number. Applicant’s can check their individual selection results once they feed their confirmation number along with their personal details in the fields of the website. No limitation on how many times a person can check his/her results.

I wrote in the form my postal address, phone number and E-mail address. In conclusion will they inform me, if I am selected as winner under the 2020-DV program?
No, you will not get any selected winner letter through post or winner call or winner Letter in email.
Only one way is available. Go to the official DV website and check your results by feeding the required information.
If you get call, postal mail or email as winner, double check it as it can be a scam one.

Checking DV Results.

No fees will be charged to check the results.
No limit on how many times a person can check results although you will get the same again.
Don’t throw away your confirmation number after that checking.
In Addition keep your confirmation number till the DV-2020 program closes.
Similarly the Email entered in the form is helpful one to recover your confirmation number.

How to Check DV-2020 Results?

  • First of all open the official website.
  • Enter the Captcha as shown.
  • Select 2020, if 2019 is also appearing in addition.
  • Type your confirmation number and other required details in the fields.
  • Type “Captcha” field with the text shown image.
  • Click on the Submit Button.
  • If you are not selected, you will be shown with the not selected page.
  • Further more if selected as a Winner, you will be shown with the winning letter in the screen. It will contain the case number and other instructions.
  • After that get a printout of the Winners’ Letter.
  • Above all selected as winner? Follow the instructions shown in the winning letter to start the visa processing under DV-2020.


For instance if had lost your confirmation number, Contact to recover lost confirmation number. Above all prepare to pay US$ 10 to recover it. Similarly can contact this website too.

Official Results site. here
Winner Preparation List. here
Application Form for Winner . here
After that you may need one petitioner in conclusion for easy visa interview.

DV 2019 Results.

DV-2020 Results

Source: United States State Department.