Other country Visa lottery Programs.

Other country Visa lottery Programs.

In the whole world USA is the only country which offers the visa lottery program to issue visas to the lucky winners from other countries. This good for who wish to become permanent residents there. Although people used to get e-mails saying that they are selected in the Canada visa lottery, UK Visa lottery, Australia visa lottery and EU visa lottery. But they are not true. These mails are sent by some fake companies or by scam artists only to cheat people and get their money. So never respond to these mails as they will call you back and convince you to pay the money through phone conversation. But if you are professionally qualified person these countries are offering you many kinds of visas to work in their country or to immigrate and work there with your family.

How they found my email address?

It is very simple; these scam people go to pen pal web sites dating web sites and collect the emails from there. If you have listed there then this method they got your email address.

They buy email addresses from some email harvesting companies, where these company have hackers to go in to the web servers and harvest all the mail addresses and the other personal information.

Some companies know the pattern of email addresses and make them and sell, although it is your bad time they made an email address of yours in that pattern.

Canada visa lottery.

Canada visa lottery is an imaginary one therefore don’t believe it. Canadian Government is giving many different visas for those who want to immigrate to Canada. If you are an educated well experienced professional it is easy to get your PR visa from them.

Many people from all over the world entered in to Canada using the following visas.

  • Skilled Worker permanent resident visas through point system.
  • Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed people.

UK Visa lottery.

UK Government doesn’t have such programs. If you get any mail it is a fake one made to cheat you.

UK offers following kinds of visas for professionals.

  • Highly skilled workers, investors and entrepreneurs Visa.
  • Sponsored skilled workers.
  • Temporary workers.
  • Workers from the European Economic Area and Switzerland

Australia visa lottery.

Australian government doesn’t offer such visa lottery. Therefore if you get any mails for the Australian visa lottery result don’t respond to it.

  • Australia is a well developed country and always with shortage of skilled workers so they offer many visa programs to fill the jobs with foreign workers.
  • Skilled Migration Visas
  • Family migration Visas in other words all family members moving there under this program

EU visa lottery.

European Union doesn’t have such official visa lottery program. Therefore if you get any mails telling about EU visa lottery ignore it.

Online Results.

US State Department.

Other country Visa lottery

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