Online Results.

Online Results.

Online Results Checking Facility for the American Government’s Official Visa Lottery Program is always kept opened to provide the service. Do you want to find out, whether you are selected as a winner or not in the current DV program? If yes, read this page completely and use this information to check your online selection results. First of all you should have participated in the draw recently. So you will have the confirmation number with you. The Golden rule is no confirmation number no online results. If the confirmation number is wrong, then the system will report it to you. Check if the confirmation number is good to check the selection results. Then you will be shown the results as winner, not selected or the provided information are not matching any details with the registered information.

How to check your DV Lottery selection?

Go to the official website of the American Government. This is the only place where you can check your online selection results. The KCC will not send any more postal mails stating that you are selected for the DV Program, or emails, fax or phone calls. Only way is to check your results should be made by you in the official website of the American Government.

In the official website of the American Government, select the result checking facility.
There in that page, you must fill the required fields and enter the confirmation number and then type the letters and numbers shown as image in the box (Captcha) and submit it.

Once you have submitted the required data and press the submit button, you will get the following information if you are selected for further processing in the program.

You are a winner.

“Dear Selectee, Follow the given instructions.”

If you are selected as a winner, you don’t need to pay any money, until you attend for the visa processing. In conclusion you need to pay the visa processing fee ONLY to the American Consular office personally and get a receipt for that payment. The U.S. government will not ask you to send money by mail or by courier service to give you a diversity visa. The winning is valid till 30th September 2020 for the DV-2020 visa lottery program winner.

If you are not selected for the diversity visa program – You are not a winner in the draw, and the result will be shown like this. “Based on the information provided, the Entry HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for further processing for the 2020 Electronic Diversity Visa program.
After that verify that you have entered all information correctly. You may re-check the Entry status by clicking on the Return to Entrant Status Check Main Page link below.


Similarly that the online result checking facility will be available for limited time period only for a fiscal year program. For example the DV-2020 visa lottery checking facility opened in the month of May 2019 and it will close on 30th September 2020. In addition there is no limit on how many times you can check the results. If you like you can check 100 times, the result will be the same.

Results checking facilities for the DV-2019 and DV-2018 are already closed though the DV 2020 is still opened..

If you had lost your DV Confirmation Number, contact

Green Card results.

Lost Confirmation Number? Contact
Потеряли номер подтверждения? Контакты
Perdido número de confirmación? Póngase en contacto con
Perdeu número de confirmação? Contate

فقدت رقم التأكيد؟ الاتصا

Online Results.

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