Green card Lottery Results.

Green card Lottery Results.

Green card Lottery results for the last US program DV-2020 will NOT be sent by postal mail. Nearly 100,000 selected winners can check their selection Results through the computer in the Official website.. There are only 50,000 visas available under this program and usually not all the selected people have the required education or work experience to issue the immigrant visa. Because of this there are great number of people are selected to issue all the visas.

The selection will take place once the green card lottery program is closed. The winner announcement will be shown to the selected winners only from the month of May. Along with the notification they will have further instructions on how to proceed with the visa application. Those who are not selected for the US program will not get any notification.

From the month of May all those greencard lottery applicants can check their application status online in the official green card lottery web site with their confirmation number and personal details. The online result checking facility will be available till the next June in the internet.

Actually the American Green card Lottery and the Diversity Visa Program are the same USA visa lottery program.

When the DV-2020 Results will be available?
DV-2020 Results will be available to check from the month of May 2019.

How many times do I have to check the selection Results?
Once or twice is enough, but keep the confirmation number till next year.

Can I check the Results for my Brother?
Yes, if you have the confirmation number and all his perso0nal details.

Do results come through E-mails?
No, Results are NOT sent through emails or by other means. Only you can check it in the Lottery (DV Lottery) Results checking website.


Green card Lottery Results

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