DV-2023 Results

DV-2023 Results

DV-2023 Results.

DV-2023 Results will be available in this year 2022 through the official American Government’s website. The DV Results will be provided through the official American DV Lottery website. All those who had participated in this latest DV draw can  feed their  confirmation number and personal details in the results checking website. The information will be checked to be true and the Results  will be displayed as Selected, Not Selected, or Error message will be shown in the screen immediately.

Important: To check your Results you should have participated in the USA DV-2023 visa lottery program
You must have Confirmation Number from  the DV-2023 that was obtained through the online facility. This should have been done after completely going through the DV2023 Instructions. If you have the Confirmation Number starting with 2023. This Confirmation Number must have 16 digits Alphanumeric. Then only the system will allow you to check your selection results for the American Diversity Visa Program for the FY 2023.

Once your fully filled DV Application Form (E-DV Entry) along with your digital photo file the system will display you the “Success Page”. In addition this page will have your Confirmation Number, Full name and year of Birth. Make a print out of this page or save it. Also you can write down the Confirmation Number in a paper and keep it in a safe place.

DV2023 Results.

The DV-2023 Results will be provided for the General public. For instance this will be available in the American Diversity Visa Program Official website starting from May 08, 2022. This is a free service. You don’t need to pay any money to check your selection results.

1. The results will be shown with the winning letter for the selected winners in the computer screen.
2. If your entry is not selected, it will display NOT selected message.
3. In addition, if the provided information didn’t match with the saved information, you will be shown with an  “ERROR” message.

More over after checking the results keep the confirmation number till 30th September 2023. In addition sometime there may be a small number of selection may take place in a later time before 30th September 2023. Further more if you don’t have the facility to check the DV 2023 results you can provide the information to other people to check the results for you. If the Agent says you are selected as a winner, ask him to make the process in front of you to show the Results. Then only you can sure of your selection. Never believe your selection that is being shown out in print outs.

Important Notice.
American DV Lottery results will be available only through the official DV website.
In addition, Results will NOT be sent through postal mail , email, Fax or through phone calls.
Moreover, winners will NOT be called through phone calls to announce their winning.
Further more, your local US Embassy and Consular offices don’t have the selected winners name list.
KCC  office will NOT reply regarding the DV selection results. Results  as selected or not selected will not be replied to you.

DV-2022 Results are now available online. You can check your selection Results now.

2023 Results Checking Website.

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    After typing in the required information (as shown in the Confirmation Letter), the U.S. Department of State website keeps saying “information is invalid.”

    What was the problem, and how to go about it?

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