DV-2022 Results

DV-2022 Results.

DV-2022 Results for the last year held American Government’s draw will be available through the internet this year 2020.  All the participants who had submitted their entries successfully in the year 2020 will be provided with a unique confirmation number. With this DV2022 confirmation individual selection results under this draw can be checked in the American Government’s official DV website.

Application Submission Opened on: 07th October 2020.
Closed on: 10th November 2020.

The DV2022 selection results will be available in the official DV website from 08th May 2021.
Need help for the lost confirmation number? Here.

For checking your results you will need to have 2022 confirmation number (16 digits) along with the personal information. If you are checking for another person keep ready her/his dv-2022 confirmation number (16 digits) along with her/his personal information to check the results online.

DV2022 Results, will they send me email or postal mail?

No email or postal mail will be sent you on your selection for the draw. You may thing that you had provided your email and [postal mail. So they may send you the selection results to you. It is wrong, they will be used once you are selected for the draw and when you submit your visa application.

How many times do I need to check?

Similarly once or twice is enough, but keep the confirmation number till September 2022.

Do I need to pay money to check the Results? (In other words any fees?)
No, above all it is free to check the results in the American Government’s official website. In addition the facility will be kept open till 30th September 2022 to check the participants selection results. Above all the KCC or American Embassies and US Consulates don’t have the names and the photos of the selected winners with them. It is only checked in the official website by feeding the required information.

Above all, if not selected as a winner in this year program, try to participate in the coming year draw.

DV-2022 Results

DV-2020 Results.
Check your Results.

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