DV 2021 Results.

DV-2021 Results for the last held diversity visa draw for FY 2021 American Diversity Visa draw program will be available through the official American Government’s DV Lottery website. Here after results will be available for to check, from 05th of June, 2020 onward (New date). Therefore this results checking facility will be kept opened till 30th September 2021. The DV2021 selection checking facility will be closed when the program closes officially by the American Government in the year 2021. Results must be checked one by one. If both the husband and wife each had submitted one entry for the draw, then they must check it separately one after the other. If both are selected then the one with most qualification must proceed with the winning and the other must stop processing under the dv-2021 selection draw.

DV 2021 Results Checking.

To check your selection result, you must have confirmation number starting with 2021. It is necessary to feed in to the system to see the results. Current confirmation number will have 2021 in the beginning and will have 16 Alpha-digits in total. Submitting E-DV entries was closed on 05th November 2019. No one can submit any more entries to this 2021-DV program after this date. Nearly 100,000 winners will be selected to issue with the available 50,000 LPR visas under the fiscal year 2021 program. It will select only 50,000 winners to issue 50,000 Immigrant visas there may be winners without the required requirements. And the visas may remain un issued. To avoid these nearly 100,000 winners may be selected under this draw.

How to Check DV-2021 Results?

  • Go to the official website.
  • Open the official website’s results checking page.
  • Enter the Captcha as shown in the website.
  • Select 2021. if 2020 is also appearing.
  • Type your confirmation number and other required details in the fields.
  • Type “Captcha” field with the text shown image.
  • Click on the Submit Button.
  • If you are not selected, you will be shown with the not selected page.
  • If selected as a Winner, you will be shown with the winning letter in the screen. It will contain the case number and other instructions.
  • Get a printout of the Winners’ Letter.
  • Selected as winner? Follow the instructions shown in the winning letter to start the visa processing under DV-2021.

First of all after checking the results keep your confirmation number.
Results may be cancelled therefore you will be asked to check the Results again.
There may be some more small selection may occur.

Why I am unable to check my Results?

In Conclusion your Internet connection may be slow.
There after whether your Browser is suitable to check the results.
Error or last digit of your confirmation number may be missing.
American DV Official website may be down as lot of people are trying to check the rsults at a time.
Server Error n the stem side.
May be the facility not opened for the DV2021.

To check the DV results you should have participated in the last year held DV draw. Or those who want to check the results must have access to full details of the participant and his Confirmation number. Applicant’s can check their individual selection results once they feed their confirmation number along with their personal details in the fields of the website. No limitation on how many times a person can check his/her results.

I wrote in the form my postal address, in addition phone number and E-mail address. Will they inform me, if I am selected as winner under the 2020-DV program?
No, you will not get any selected winner letter through post or winner call or winner Letter in email.

Only one way is available. Go to the OFFICIAL DV website and check your results by feeding the required information. However not every one can be a winner.
For instance if you get any call, postal mail or email as winner, double check it as it can be a scam one.

DV-2021 Results.

No fees will be charged to check the results.
For instance, there is no limit on how many times a person can check results.
Don’t throw away your confirmation number even if you are not selected..
Keep your confirmation number however till DV-2021 closes.
However don’t change passport number (Which its number was entered in the E-DV Application form) till the program closes.

Email entered in the form is necessary to recover confirmation number in case you had lost it.
In other words if had lost your confirmation number, Contact bbsnetting@gmail.com to recover your lost confirmation number. Above all prepare to pay US$ 10 to recover it. Can contact this website www.dv-confirmation.com too.

Official Results Checking website. here
Winner Preparation List. here
DV Winner Application Form. here
In other words next American Visa Draw DV-2022
In addition you may need one petitioner too from USA. She/he must be either a LPR or US Citizenship Holder.

DV 2020.

bbsnetting@yahoo.com for quick reply.

DV 2021 Results.

Video: U.S. Diversity Immigrant Visa Program
Source: United States State Department.