DV 2019 Results.

DV 2019 Results.

DV-2019 Results of last held the American visa lottery program, are now available online. You can check the results through the official website. The facility was opened from the month of May 2018 on wards. Thereafter it was closed on September 2019. Those who want to check their results need to enter their confirmation number beginning with 2019 in the first field. The confirmation number must have 16 digits in total. If you miss the last text or number, the confirmation number incorrect and it is useless to check the selection results.

Step by Step Guide to Check DV Results.

  • Open the official website.
  • Click “Year” button.
  • Enter your confirmation number and other required details.
  • Fill the “Captcha” field with the shown code.
  • Submit the form.
  • If you are not selected, you will be shown with the not selected page.
  • Winners will be shown with their winning letter. It will contain the case number and other instructions.
  • Get a printout of it.
  • Follow the instructions to start the visa processing.

If you are not selected in the program don’t throw away the confirmation code. Because there may be another small number of selection may take place in the coming months.

DV 2021 Results.

Till which date the program will allow to check the DV2021 results?

Normally the results checking facility will be kept open till 30th September 2021. After that it will be closed in 12 months.

Do I have to pay any fee to check my results?

No, the system will allow you to check your results for free.Therefore no need to pay for the service.

How many times, do I have to check my DV results?

Once or twice is enough. However check it after 5 – 6 months later too. Therefore you will be confident about ir/

Why my Green card lottery results are not displaying?

May be you had used older photo image in the draw, therefore the system may have rejected your entry.

How to recover my confirmation code?

I had lost my confirmation number, For instance contact bbsnetting@gmail.com to recover your lost confirmation number. Prepare to pay US$ 10 to recover it. Can contact this website www.dv-confirmation.com too.

How many winners were selected under the 2021 Green card program?

There are 50,000 visas available under this year draw. Although 100,000 winners were selected and will be notified through the results checking facility.

Will KCC send my selection results through postal mail or email?

I had provided them in the DV Application Form last year although resultsĀ  NOT displaying.
No, there are no more individual winner selection notifications from the KCC. Although if you are selected as winner and had applied for the visa, then the there are chances for the KCC to contact you through them.

Official Results site. here
Winner Preparation List. here
Winner Application Form. here

More here.

Source: U.S State Department.

DV 2019 Results

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