Diversity Visa Winners

Diversity Visa Winners DV 2021

Diversity Visa Winners DV 2021 draw will be announced through the official website when people are checking their individual results here. First of all you need the confirmation number starting with 2021. This will only will give you the selection results through this website.

Case Numbers.

Case numbers will be give to each selected winners in their winning letter. It will have the current draw year and the winners selected region and the selected order number. So keep a record of this number and it will help you when you communicate with the KCC for any support.

When you check the results it will be shown with a winning letter in the Computer screen or Smartphone screen. So take a printout of this letter. If you are staying in the USA you must prepare yourself to apply for to change your current status to American  LPR status holder status. Winners in America must submit their application to the USICS office when their case numbers are going to be current.

Winners Outside of the USA.

Those who are staying outside of USA must prepare themselves to apply for the Immigrant visa under the DV winners selection.Thereafter must prepare to attend the visa processing interview if your case number is current in any month before 30th September 2021.

Visa Bulletin Website.

Visa Bulletin website is another important one for the DV Winners. It provides which country people under which case numbers are going to be current in the coming months. By looking in to this you can find ot when your case number is going to be called for the interview. Also they provide next DV program starting and closing dates. They used to publish total number of winners selected under any given Fiscal Year DV program.  Diversity Visa Winners must visit this website by 15th of each month to view the latest case numbers.



DV 2021 Results.

Diversity Visa Winners

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