DV Lottery Results

DV-2018 Results, For Green Card Draw.

6:47 PM 11/02/2018

DV-2018 Results were provided through the American Governments' official website. It was offered from the month May, 2017 onwards. The result checking website was kept open till 30th September 2018 for to check the results under the FY 2018 program.

DV-2018 Results.

The DV-2018 American Diversity Visa Lottery program for the fiscal year 2018 is now closed. It was officially closed on 30th September 2018, after isssuing the allocated 50,000 visas to those eligible winners. Ther selected winners were throughly checked before giving them the American immigrant visa by the American Departments. There is very few chance for the unwanted people to entrer through this draw selection and process. All the selected Applicants were called for the interview one by one in their country US Consular office, according to their case numbers. Likewise those selected winners in the USA were taken care by the USCIS office before to allow them to get their Green card under this draw DV-2018.

DV-2018 winner selection is no more valid. You can throw them away.
There are no winners list available for the selected winners.


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Source: travel.state.gov