DV Lottery Results

DV-2015 Results.

11:28 AM 10/10/2017

DV-2015 Results are closed.

DV-2015 American visa lottery program had accepted entries of applicants from 01, October 2013 till 02 November 2013. As the dv 2015 visa lottery program is closed, no one can submit entries in to it any more. It was already mentioned in the instructions that after this date no one will be allowed to submit online entries for this FY2015 program for to be selected as a winner.

DV-2015 Results was provided online from 01 May 2014 onwards in the official website. Participants were allowed to check their online result by providing their own confirmation number along with three of their personal information. The result checking facility for the DV-2015 was closed close on 30th September 2015.

It is important to take note that the results will not be sent by postal mail, email, phone or fax to the selected winner any more.

There are 50,000 visas available under the diversity visa lottery program and the selected winners will be allowed to apply for the US Immigration visa using the normal visa procedures, and at their interview the winner must proof his eligibility to get the visa to live and work permanently in the USA.

Those who were selected as winners selected in the visa lottery program are requested to use the DS-160 online visa application form to proceed with your winning. Winners' interview letters too were published in that website, if it had been scheduled.

For the first time one of the African nation is listed in the ineligible country list. Yes, Nigeria born people were not allowed to participate in the FY 2015 draw. In the year 2012 nearly 1.3 million Nigerians did enter in the draw to check their luck to live in the USA.

The current draw is to be participants are expected to be 9 million people only. So there is a chance for one entry to be selected out of 90 entries.

If you had lost your confirmation number or had missed its last digit visit www.dv-confirmation.com for paid service from them.

Here are some facts about the DV-2015 Results.

Nearly 125,514 applicants have been registered and notified as winners for the dv 2015 visa lottery program from the 9,388,986 qualified entries.

Total visas provided under the dv2015 visa lottery program were 50,000 immigrant visas.

Last held DV Lottery program was DV-2018 (In the year 2016)
Next Program is DV-2019 (In the year 2017)

Source: American immigration