DV Lottery Results
DV-2020 Results

DV-2020 Results.

12:23 PM 05/09/2019

DV-2020 Results for the American visa lottery program is now available through the official American Government website. This can be checked from the month of May 2019 and it will be available for one more year. The DV2020 Results checking facility will be closed by September 2020. To check your selection results, confirmation number beginning with 2020 is necessary. DV-2020 confirmation number must have 16 digits in total. Applying for DV 2020 visa lottery was closed on 06th November 2018. No one can submit any more entries to this 2020-DV program any more. Nearly 100,000 winners will be selected to issue with the available 50,000 LPR visas under the fiscal year 2020 program.

To check the DV results you should have participated in the last year held DV draw. Or those who want to check the results must have access to full details of the participant and his Confirmation number. Applicant's can check their individual selection results once they feed their confirmation number along with their personal details in the fields of the website. No limitation on how many times a person can check his/her results.

I wrote in the form my postal address, phone number and E-mail address. Will they inform me, if I am selected as winner under the 2020-DV program?
No, you will not get any selected winner letter through post or winner call or winner Letter in email.
Only one way is available. Go to the OFFICIAL DV website and check your results by feeding the required information.
If you get call, postal mail or email as winner, double check it as it can be a scam one.

No fees will be charged to check the results.
There is no limit on how many times a person can check results.
Don't throw away your confirmation number.
Keep your confirmation number till DV-2020 closes.
Email entered in the form is necessary to recover confirmation number.

How to Check DV-2020 Results?


If had lost my confirmation number, Contact bbsnetting@gmail.com to recover your lost confirmation number. Prepare to pay US$ 10 to recover it. Can contact this website www.dv-confirmation.com too.

Official Results site. here
Winner Preparation List. here
Winner Application Form. here
Of course you may need one petitioner too.

Source: United States State Department.

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