DV Lottery Results

DV-2018 Results.

2:01 PM 11/16/2016

DV-2018 Results checking facility will be opened online from the month of May 2017 onwards. This facility will be provided in the American Government's official DV Lottery website to check the selection results of the participants. Currently the 2018 fiscal year diversity visa lottery program is accepting application forms from participants and it will continue till 7th of November 2016.

In this page you can find answers for the following.

How many times do I have to check the results?

Once is enough, although don't throw away your confirmation number. Keep it till 30th September 2018.

Can my brother check the results for me?

Yes, provide him the confirmation number and other details.

Will I get notification about the selection from the KCC?

No, personal notifications will not be sent through postal mail or email.

I got an email saying that I am selected as a winner in the DV program. Cqan I proceed with it?

No, it is a fake mail. Don't respond to it.

Can I call the U.S Embassy in my country to check my results?

No, they don't have the selected winner’s details.

Where can I find the winners name list in the internet?

Winners name list will not be available in the internet.

Once the E-DV entry is accepted successfully by the system, it will display the name and confirmation number that belongs to that participant.

Don't know to check your diversity visa lottery program selection results?

Contact bbsnetting@gmail.com.

Entire applicants must keep their confirmation number with them as it will work like a password to check their results in the coming year.

All the participants must feed their confirmation number along with their personal details to check their selection results for the DV-2018 in the year 2017. The results will be shown as selected or not selected to the participant.

Winners of the DV 2018 visa lottery program won't get any Individual winner notification from the KCC through postal mail or through email. Many people think that they will get winner selection or not selected notification through postal mail or email as they had entered these when they were applying for the draw. In the previous year's KCC did sent winning notifications to the selected winners through postal mail but recently they stopped that service and had asked the participants to check their selection results in the official website.

Lot of participants thinks that they will get notification from the authorities as they had provided their email and postal mail. Beware, if you are selected you will not get any notifications and the only way to check your selection is to go through the official website from the month of May onwards.

If you are applying through an agent, first make sure that he will allow you to watch the process, provide you the confirmation number and make sure that he won't request any money thereafter, if you are selected as winner. Lot of people in the Africa region are having difficulties with their Agents as most of the agents are looking for money from the winners of the American diversity visa lottery program which is also called as Green card lottery.

The bad agents can change your email address and some time your date of birth too. So that you can't use the confirmation recover section. Later if you won in the draw, the agents will ask to hand them lot of money to provide the original information.