DV Lottery Results

DV-2017 Results.

10:52 AM 6/10/2016

DV-2017 online Results checking facility has opened now and you can check your online selection status in the draw. The official website will allow those participants to check their online selection status by feeding their personal information and their confirmation number in the proper places of that official website.

DV-2017 American visa lottery program had already accepted entries through the official web site from 01 October 2015 and it was closed on 03 November 2015. Millions of people did apply in this draw to get one of the 50,000 visas through the computer random name selection. This diversity visa lottery program is also called as Green card lottery in many parts of the world.

What is the information you will need to check your results?

confirmation number that was given to you in the current draw and your personal details will be required to check the results.

Will they allow someone else to check my online selection Results ?

Yes, if you had provide them with the required information.

How many times do I have to check the results?

Only once is enough to see your selection results. But don't throw away the confirmation number. Keep it till the closing date of the program.

Do the KCC will send any emails regarding the selection of my results in the DV-2017 draw as I had provided my email in the form?

Emails will not be used to send regarding the selection. Your email will be used by them, once you are selected and proceed with the wining.

Unmarried single person were allowed to submit only one entry with his image file, if his birth country is eligible and meets the rules of the draw. Married person too can submit one entry and he should include his spouse and eligible children too in the application form along with his and their individual photo files.

Once your entry is accepted you will be shown with the Success page. The page will contain your confirmation number. Get a printout of it and keep it safe, as this will work as password for to check your selection results.

Nearly 12,437,190 qualified entries (19,344,586 with derivatives) were received for the DV-2017 green card lottery program during the application period that ran from Thursday, October 1, 2015, till Tuesday, November 3, 2015. When Nigeria and Bangladesh were eligible to participate in this draw the total applicant number were nearly 20 million. There are nearly 50,000 visas available under this program and to find suitable people nearly 100,000 applicants will be selected as winners as all the selected winners may not have the required education or work experience required in the draw.

Visit this web page regularly to find more information on the forth coming DV-2018 American visa lottery program that is going to accept entries through the internet in this year. So far the opening and closing dates for the program are not announced by the US State Department.

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How many winners were selected as winners in the DV-2017 country wise?