DV Lottery Results

DV 2016 Results.

7:52 AM 12/19/2016

DV-2016 results means the selection results for the program that had accepted entries in the year 2014.
But the DV-2016 diversity visa program had been closed on 30th September 2016.
Already the results checking facility too has been closed for the FY 2016.
So check your confirmation number to see which year program you had entered lately.
The front 4 digits will display the year of the program you had participated.
Facility needs your confirmation number starting with 2017 or 2018
It consist 16 numbers and alphabets in it.

About DV-2016 Results.

DV 2016 diversity visa lottery program allowed participants to check selection results.
It was opened in May 2015 and was closed in September 2016.
Total Applicants registered for DV-2016 program are 11,391,134.
Nearly 91,563 applicants were selected as winners.
Total visas provided under the DV-2016 were 50,000.
It was issued during the fiscal year 2016 (October 1, 2015 until September 30, 2016).

All the available visas under the FY-2016 had exhausted and no new interview letters will be sent to selected winners any more under the DV- 2016 diversity visa lottery program.
The entire participants were asked to keep their confirmation number until 30th June 2016
The confirmation number used to act as your password to check the online results.

Are you selected for the DV2016 visa lottery program?

Nothing can be done as all the available visas are exhausted under this DV2016 and the program is too closed.

If you had not been selected as a winner, don't worry you can participate in the coming year draw if your country is in the eligible country list.

General Information on DV Results.

Is there any fee to check my results? No, there is no fee will be charged to check their online results.

It is totally free, if you have access to the internet and all the necessary details.

My agent won't provide me, my confirmation number what to do?

Inform it to the KCC with full details and to your local police and get their assistance.
I had lost my confirmation number; my last number of the confirmation number is missing.
Visit www.dv-confirmation.com to get assistance. They will request payment for their service.

How many times do I have to check the DV results?
Only once is enough. You can check it as much time as you want.
Although don't throw away the confirmation number as you may need it during that fiscal year.

Source: travel.state.gov