DV Lottery Results

DV-2016 Diversity Visa Lottery Results.

Online results checking facility.

7:34 PM 5/15/2015

DV-2016 participants can check their online status results in the American Government's official website now. The website opened on 5th of May 2015 and will be kept open 24 hours a day till 30th June 2016. Closing date of the FY 2016 program is 30th September 2016.

Each individual can check their selection status here within seconds if they have their confirmation number and their personal details with them.

DV-2015 diversity visa lottery program also allows those participants to check their online status in this website and it will be kept open for them till 30th June 2015. Mean while previous visa lottery programs had been closed and there is no way to check your selection results and the selection will also go as null according to the dv lottery governing rules.

What kind of details do I need to check my results online?
Your confirmation number of the program (this is called as ticket by the African people) and your personal details.

I had lost my confirmation number, how can I check the result?
Without confirmation number you can't check your results.
Confirmation number lost? Contact bbsnetting@yahoo.com through the dv-confirmation.com

My confirmation number's last digit is missing, how can I check the result?
Last digit is missing? Contact bbsnetting@yahoo.com (Service charge apply)

Can a friend of mine check my selection results in the current program?
Yes, if you provide him with the required details of yours to him.

If I am selected as a winner in the 2016 DV Lottery program, what should I do?
Follow the instructions shown in the result providing website.

Confirmation Number.

After the entry had been accepted successfully, the entrant will be shown with a success page where they can find their unique confirmation number along their names. All the applicants were requested to print out and to keep the confirmation page in a safe place to check their online results during the results checking period in the official website.It is made of 16 alhabets and nubers and the confirmation code begins with 2016.

Case Numbers.

Selected winners only will be given with a case number.

Each of the selected winners (selectees) will be given with a case number related to the fiscal year and of the selected applicant's birth country's geographical region and in selected rank. If one Kenyan born man was selected for the 2016 program will get case number for the DV-2016 which will look like this 2016AF00123456. And it is valid for the FY 2016 dv lottery program only.

Visa Lottery Fraud.

Visa lottery results are NOT sent by postal mail, E-mail or through Fax.

No one will call you to announce that you are selected as a winner.

If you get any winning notification through any of these methods, ignore it.

My agent says that I am a winner in this DV 2016 and he asks money to give me the details. What to do?
Ask him to access the website to show the official results in front of you.

Don't believe on the results that are shown in printout as they can be made with Photoshop Program.